• Towards the development of Spin-Polarized Positronium Dense Beam
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  • Production of a Monochromatic 2 3S beam of Metastable Ps
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  • Main aspects of nanodiamonds and Nitrogen-Vacancy centers for biological applications
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  • Z-scheme photocatalysts: An overview on their mechanism and activity
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  • A computational model of gas-dynamical processes in laser ablation of aluminum and its applicability to space debris reduction
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  • Graphene oxide3-hydroxybutyrate-CO-3-Hydroxyhexanoate(PHBH) nanocomposites: characterization of free volume and thermal properties
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  • Photocatalytic reduction of CO2 for fuel production
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  • Cuprates based superconducting materials
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  • Idrogeno come alternativa alla batteria: modellazione e confronto tra due diversi sistemi di stoccaggio dell’energia
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  • Laser-ablation propulsion
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  • Nanodiamonds and Nitrogen-Vacancy centers: general aspects and possible applications
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  • Si/Ti/Cu composite cathodes for photoelectrochemical CO2 reduction
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  • Study the effects of ion irradiation on luminescent quantum dots for nanodosimetry purposes
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  • Nanodiamonds for biological applications: Synthesis by laser ablation and sensing of local magnetic environment by optical spectroscopy of NV centers
    (F. Gorrini, XXIX ciclo di dottorato) link