Balzers Deposition System MED010:

The MED010 Turbo deposition system is suited for the following applicaqtions:

  • evaporation or sputter coating of SEM specimens to produce conductive films;
  • evaporation coating of specimens as a preparation for microanalysis.

In equipped with:

  • WF 336 Quick-release flange with one carbon thread evaporator;
  • WF 304 Quick-release flange with carbon and metal evaporator;
  • Support arm with sputtering device (targets: Au, Cr, Au80%Pd20%, Cu, Ni).

Struers Tenupol 2 + Polipower:

Apparatus for automatic, electrolytical thinning of specimens for examination in a transmission electron microscope. Specimens with a diameter up to 10 mm dia are polished from both sides simultaneously to achieve a thin foil with a centre hole as small as possible. The thinning is controlled by an infrared light source, stopping the process as soon as the first light can pass through the established hole.


Branson 200 Ultrasonic Cleaner:

Practical working shape for many items such as small samples treatment. Capacity: 0.44 liters. Frequency: 40Khz


MC6600 Mini Centrifuge:

The MC-6600 mini-centrifuge is ideal for a quick, easy, and economical way to spin down micro samples, perform microfiltration work and cell separations. The easy-open lid permits convenient single-handed operation. The clear lid and electronic safety cut-off allow the user to safely observe samples at all times.