Sample preparation


Struers AbraPol 2:

An automatic, floor-based grinding and polishing machine that is perfect to work on very large specimens or a high volume of specimens. With variable speed sensitive materials can be prepared at slow speeds whereas tough materials can be prepared at high speeds for the shortest possible preparation time. 305 mm disc size for faster preparation and larger sample volume.

Struers AbraMin:

The bench mounted version of AbraPol. 305 mm disc size for faster preparation and larger sample volume.

Struers Knuth-Rotor 2:

DiscotomBench mounted doubble plate lapping machine. It’s equipped with two 230 mm lapping plates.


Struers Discotom 2:

Manual cut-off machine offer robust design, large cutting table and straightforward features. Flexible clamping facilities,cut-off wheel size: ø 250 mm.


VWR Ultrasonic Cleaner:

USC-1700TH device: table-top cleaning device with mechanical timer and thermostatically controlled heater.


Struers Tenupol 2 + Polipower:

See SEM Preparation section.


Struers Prontopress 2:

Hot mounting press (for hot mounting resins, e.g. conductive resins for SEM). Prontopress 2 in an automatic hydraulic mounting press for metallographic laboratories. The press is equipped with an embedding unit incorporating a heating/cooling element accepting standard moulding cylinders of inside diameters between 25 and 40 mm. A thermistor ensures accurate control of the temperature of the heating/cooling element.


Struers Epovac:

Vacuum impregnation equipment for mounting and impregnation of porous specimens. Epovac is a vacuum impregnation apparatus, especially designed for embedding and impregnation of porous materials. Epovac is suitable for gluing specimens to slides for the preparation of thin sections. The apparatus consists of a sturdy, compact metal cabinet with a cylindrical embedding chamber of PVC. The impregnation liquid, e.g. Struers Epofix, is supplied through a disposable tube. The tube is led through a ball joint and it is therefore very easy to distribute the liquid to the individual mounting cups.

Using ø 25 mm mounting cups, 9 specimens can be ambedded at the same time. As the embedding chamber is large (dia 134 mm heigt 100 mm), also large specimens can be impreganted and embedded.


Hot Mounting Resins (conductive):Technovit

CONDUFAST (Iron powder filler)

POLYFAST (Carbon powder filler)


Cold Mounting Resins:

Technovit 4071, Technovit 5071, Technovit 5000 (conductive Cu-filler), EPOFIX, ACRYFIX, DUROFIX, TRIOFIX



Four Point Probe:

A four point probe is a simple apparatus for measuring the resistivity of thin film samples. By passing a current through two outer probes and measuring the voltage through the inner probes allows the measurement of the substrate resistivity.