Thin Films deposition



DC Sputtering system:

DC Sputtering apparatus for thin film deposition (Leybold-Heraeus Z700). Z700 is a semi-industrial system allowing the coating of big area substrates with all kind of metals.


RF Sputtering system:

RF Sputtering apparatus for thin film deposition (Alcatel SCM 441). RF sputtering are especially design to allow deposition of insulators thin films.




Thermal Evaporation system:

Apparatus for thin films deposition through Thermal Evaporation tecniques (Electron Gun, Microelectron Gun, Joule Effect).



IBAD (Ion Beam Assisted Deposition)

Thin films deposition tecnique. During the E-gun thermal evaporation an ion beam (25 keV) induce atomic mixing between film and substrate components increasing the film adhesion.