Synthesis and characterization  of nanocatalysts for applications in water purification and hydrogen production 
(Y. J. Popat, XXXII ciclo di Dottorato)  –  link


ZnO nanoparticles as solar photocatalysts for water treatment
(L. Bertoni, anno accademico 2018-2019)


Features and utilities  of nanodiamonds
(D. Giacon, anno accademico 2018-2019)


Principles of solar photocatalysis as a sustainable process in wastewater remediation
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Production, storage and use of hydrogen through sustainable and renewable processes
(L. Melzani, anno accademico 2018-2019)


Laser propulsion of micro/nanosatellites: synthesis and characterization of materials and generated thrust measurement
(P. Battocchio, laurea magistrale, anno accademico 2018-2019)


Nanodiamonds: synthesis, properties and applications
(T. Facchinelli, anno accademico 2018-2019)


X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy for research on photocatalysts
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Photocatalytic water-splitting for hydrogen production
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Main aspects of nanodiamonds and Nitrogen-Vacancy centers for biological applications
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Z-scheme photocatalysts: An overview on their mechanism and activity
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Towards the development of Spin-Polarized Positronium Dense Beam
(L.  Povolo, laurea magistrale, anno accademico 2017-2018)


Production of a Monochromatic 2 3S beam of Metastable Ps
(A. Vespertini,  laurea magistrale, anno accademico 2017-2018)